Track your Employee’s Working Hours for Job Estimation and Payroll

TeleMetri is an AI-based employee time-tracking application for small and medium businesses. It's an elegantly designed application that lets you track work hours across several projects and create enhanced reporting structures. Unlimited Users, Ultimate Time Saver!

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With TeleMetri, Get Your Work Done,
Regardless of Location

Whether your employees work off-site or from a remote location, time tracking enables you to identify time-consuming activities and analyze results/production versus time invested, thus leading to a better understanding of ROI.



An efficient way to increase productivity through an intelligent application that tracks your employees and shares insights on your growth.

Who Uses TeleMetri?

Due to its dynamic features, TeleMetri is suitable for all types of businesses. However, companies with project based time tracking of employees and contractors would be the best use case scenario.



Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How does TeleMetri work?

Your employees or contractors can simply download and install this application on their smartphones to measure/track working hours, productivity, and activity levels.

What type of companies use TeleMetri?

Due to its dynamic features, TeleMetri is suitable for all types of businesses. However, companies with project-based time tracking of employees and contractors, would be the best use case scenario.

Can we edit approved and submitted time?


How can I do budgeting, project budgeting, and staff budgeting?

From the job allocation module, you can define project budgeting/staff budgeting. We recommend you select either of the budgeting options.

Do you offer support?

We have a dedicated support team available to answer your questions. If you wish to speak with us, you can call us at +1 352-567-6350, or send us an email with your questions to

How easy is it to use TeleMetri?

TeleMetri provides a clean interface for the employee, making it very user friendly.

Is Telemetri available for iOS?

Presently, TeleMetri is available on Google PlayStore, however, we are already building our way ahead with the iOS application, and will release it once completed.

What happens when an employee forgets to clock-in or out?

TeleMetri allows employees to request changes to their clock-in or out times. Administrators or supervisors can then approve, deny, or modify times based on those requests.

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